By St. Mathias of the Giddaa Qumbii OLF Lone Wolf Vs TPLF Spy Herd Scene I It was a rainy season in Ethiopia, June 26, 1995.

The Organization of African Unity has its regular session for the year in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Hosni Mubarak was the current chairperson of OAU for that year. It was the day assassination attempt was staged against him. The New York Times reported that ‘’President Hosni Mubarak survived an assassination attempt without injury this morning when several gunmen carrying automatic weapons opened fire on the motorcade carrying him to the opening of an African summit meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.’’ I was attending a training organized for Oromia Region Judges and Attorneys in Adam town, 100 kilometer South East of the capital when news broke out on national television. I didn’t pay attention to the news at first instance but later it caught my instinct. We were relaxing in Adama enjoying scotch on the rock with my friend Desaleng Bekele Wakessa and one of our friend residing in Adama when I started to think about what to follow the attempt. It was our last day of the training sponsored by German based non-profit organization on the rule of law. On June 27 we came back from Adama to Finfinnee reporting to work at respective departments.

I was working as legal interpreter in the Supreme Court of Oromia (SCO)- which enabled me get ID and safety to work with OLF operatives. I joined SCO in July 1993. I returned from the field, Jimma Zone, October 27, 1992. It was 9:00am local time; I received a phone call from my colleague who was the chief liaison between the OLF leadership and inland operation. ‘’Hello, who is this?’’ the voice on the other side was trembling. ‘’It is me, Dachasa’’. I can tell from the voice that somethings are going wrong. ‘’What the hell is going on? What happened?’’ He said ‘’that boy is lost since yesterday.’’ I am confused. I replied by asking “what are you talking about? Which boy is that?’’ He responded before I finished, ‘’the one who comes from the field with Alex’s message, our messenger.’’ That is when I felt hopeless, that I assumed everything we built was destroyed. After long sigh, I replied with a hopeless that advised Dachasa to be careful in his future communications and contacts.

We agreed that we need to arrange safe evacuation for him to the field where we were thought we had safe house and territory. We hang up with agreement to meet in person. A week later Dachasa showed up at my office. He said “we are in deep trouble, our network might be broken. What shall we do now?” After a long sigh I said “we need to get out of this mess as soon as possible, otherwise we are going to end up vanishing without a trace.’’ I tried to encourage him calm down. “It is okay, now calm down and let us plan how we make sure that we would not be exposed. Here are actions you need to take immediately. You need to change address, phone number and be careful on contacts’’ We both agreed to notify the leadership on what has happened and plan for next step to maintain the safety and security of the network we built with the front in Western and Jimma Zones. I walked him downstairs to the court’s cantina where we had tea and bread. We talked what we needed to talk and Dachasa left. I sow one person appears from Tigrai origin sitting across from our table who ordered tea.

I didn’t pay much attention at that moment but something clicked at the back corner of my mind about his appearance. He finished his tea and went to the cashier to pay the bill. He didn’t have change but rushing to leave. He left his change of $ 10.00 birr with the cashier and left behind Dachasa. I didn’t notice that day that he was on surveillance by foot. I connected dots later on after many occurrences and turning of events. The days after the kidnapping of the messenger became chaos, some were kidnapped, some were sacrificed at battle field, (Mitiku Safu and Beyene Obsi are the one I remember by names who were killed in Horro) Among the one kidnapped in August 1995 were Alemayo Dhuguma (commander of the Horro unit, Jireenya Ayana (musician), Temesgen Adaba, Takele Burayu, Abdisa Weltaji… They were kidnapped while they were traveling by taxi from Gulale to Kazanchis-Total. They didn’t arrive at the location where they planned to meet their contact. He had waited for 30 minutes and left. He escaped, currently living in Germany. I think it is not important to identify some individuals by name without full authorization to disclose.

I mentioned these things because history needs to be told as it was happened. August 30, 1995 I went to work in the morning when I received bad news about the kidnapping of Dachasa Beyene who was in charge of the liaison between the leadership and the field combatants located in West and South West of Oromia. Our main task was to reorganize OLA that disorganized and went through TPLF brainwashing at Dhidhessaa concentration camp or were in the hiding in the community. We orient them; with necessary logistics, send them back to field. We also used to help with safe transit to the field. Aman Kadir was one of our success stories. We were able to safely transit him to Horro where he was assigned to the political wing of OLA in that unit. He currently lives in Norway and can comment on this historical narrative, if he thinks there is factual error or can be a living witness. Dachasa was kidnapped at a place called Amanuel Mesalemiya on August 29, 1995. No one heard any information about him since then. I saw his name engraved on the wall of Maikelawi in 1999. I received a phone call from Barsisa Gutema (a PHD, who currently living in UK) that there is an emergency message from the leadership about our activities.

I agreed to meet him in person next morning at noon to discuss to safeguard our network and plan a safe exit from the center. August 31, 1995 at 12:00 noon I and Barsisa met in Arat Kilo for lunch and exchange of message sent from the leadership. We greeted each other, went in to Solo Bar for lunch. If you don’t know where Solo Bar is, it is just in front of Tourist Hotel in Arat Kilo. While we were eating lunch, I sow one person who looks Tigre is appearance, wearing an expensive a Nike Basketball shoes that doesn’t much with his personality, was sitting in the upper level of the bar, two tables away from us. He ordered food before us, eating like he was starved to death. He finished the food quickly and rushed to get out. My eyes were curious and I noticed his appearance in the back vacuum of my head, connecting him with the person who didn’t receive his change at the cantina back in July. He left 10 minute before us but when we finished our lunch and went downstairs to wash our hands, he stand by the bathroom pushing Barsisa to get a head to wash his hand.

He washed his hands before Barsisa and left. I was puzzled by his recklessness and start thinking us under surveillance. We paid the bill and went out to go to coffee shop. The same guy who left before us is standing at the front door from our side. This time I pictured him from head to toe and realized that he is following us. I thanked my basic skills on how to identify counter surveillance. I informed Barsisa that we were under surveillance on food. We walked up through Jolly Bar to 6 Kilo direction when I spot two surveillance cars parked different directions. I encouraged Barsisa not to panic and continue our conversation in lower voice and walked towards St Mary Church, north direction. I spotted another two surveillance cars became 4; two of them going one direction to the south and at about 100 meters distance and U-turn at 4 kilo square. The other two were going north at same distance as the other two, and U-turning at 6-Kilo square. Barsisa was not sure if we were under surveillance or not until the next morning when they were following him from 8:00am-2:00pm when he disappeared from the spot by camouflaging himself with the congregants of St Ourael Church. He asked me again and again on how I was able identified them. That is a matter of skills and training. I said okay, “let us take a taxi and go to Piassa, then you will realize how it is.”

He agreed, we took taxi to Piassa. Two surveillance cars before us and two behind the taxi we are in, drove to Piassa. We got off at Gibe hotel to have a cup of coffee to check if they are behind us or not. Right where we got off, the cars parked by street side different directions. Gibe hotel is located on a hill to look down to the street where I can watch the surrounding through the glass window. I saw the person who was watching us at the restaurant where we had lunch standing by the gate of Gibe hotel. Now I have realized that he is the foot support for the surveillance team by cars. We exchanged phone numbers with Barsisa, said good bye and “iji nagaa wal nu haa argu’’ and departed our own way. Barsisa was working in ORA while I worked in SCO. I took taxi from the Cinema Ethiopia to Minelik Hospital route, where I will get off at 6 kilo station to Ferensay Legasion.

The 4 surveillance cars were behind and in front of my taxi. I came to believe that the surveillance team knew about Barsisa; it is me whom they wanted to know i.e. they wanted to know who I am, where I live, and who my contacts are. I got off taxi and went in to my office. I packed all my documents, handed to Desaleny Bekele, and told two of my confidantes in the office, and decided to lock my office from inside and sleep in the office. I notified my late brother and cousin (Alemayeh Baisa) through my confidantes. One of my confidantes gave me her sweater for the night cold. I used my garbage bin to pee and slept on floor of my office. I know mentioning names has risks here but I don’t mind to thank that janitor who emptied my pee bucket and brought me food afterwards but couldn’t locate me. I spent the day locked in bathroom, through my confidantes, got lipstick, skirts, scarf and all necessary jewels to look alike a female and get away.

I dressed up like the queen of the night but that didn’t work out. I changed the jacket I was wearing the day before. My brother contracted with a Tigre owned ‘Lemaj”-a driver trainer WV car waiting me outside, engine running. On September 1st, 1995 at 5:15pm after all the employee of the Supreme Court of Oromia left, I came out of my hide out bathroom and rushed to the Tigre owned WV whom drove me down to behind the St Mary’s church where Alemayehu was waiting for us his engine running. We got off from the WV paid the Tigre driver with a fat tip switched car and drove away from the continuous surveillance going on for long time. The cat was puzzled, the mouse was safe. Allahamdilillah! I said, as I used to tease my Lutheran friend from Ilu. After spending some time at my safe house with relatives in Kotobe area to arrange my safe exit to the field, I left to Gujii Zone WBO unit on October 17, 1995. With this note, big THANK YOU to those of you who risked yours and your families’ lives to help me be safe and alive.

Muuxannoo kiyya WBO baddaa Gujii waliin: Akkuman afaan Ingiliziin duraan kutaa tokkoffaa SCENE 1 jedhee barreesse kun ammoo itti fufa isaa ti.

 Akkuman Hagayya 31, 1995 mana murtii waliigala Oromiyaa keessa waajjira keessa bulee mana fincaanii keessa oolee basaasa wayaanee jalaa miliqee booda gara dirreetti bahuufan karoorfadhe. Akka kanaan maadheelee fi hoggana ABO quunnameen akka gara dirree WBOn jirutti bahu murteeffadhe. Waraanni yeros ijaaramee sossohaa ture baddaa Gujii keessa jira waan jedhameef karaa maadhee uummataa haala mijeessinee Alamayyoo Baisaa maallaqa maatii kiyya biraa walitti naaf qabee gahee isaas itti dabalee bakkan dhokadhee jirutti naaf fide. Maallaqa waan galaaf naaf tahu walitti qabadheen Finfinnee irraa gara Gujiitti Onkoloolessa 15, 1995 qajeele. Quunnamsiisaan kiyya nama maqaan isaa Mulugeetaa jedhamu maqaa abbaa isaa hin beeku dhaloonni isaa gara Arjoo natti fakkaata, waliin gara magaalaa Adoolaa-Gujiitti qajeelle. Finfinnee irraa kaanee Shaashamannee bulle. Bultiin keenya bultii hin jedhamin malee bibir’ataa osoo iji kiyya walitti hin deebi’in bullee ganamaan kaanee Adoolaa (Kibremengist)tti qajeelle. Konkolaataa keessa bakka gara garaa teenyee ijaan wal tohachaa karaa deemna. Namni na fuudhee deemaa ture kun uummata sivilii waan taheef of eeggannoo qondaalli tikaa tokko gochuu qabu waan sirnaan hin beekneef wal hifachaatuma kaanee Adoolaa seenne.

Akkuma Adoolaa seenneen Hoteela kireeffanne. Kan hoteela kana kireessu nama Oromoo dhalataa Amboo tahe Gaaddisaa nama jedhamu ture. Irbaata nyaannee, bishaan wayii habbuuqqannee dee’uu naasuu dhedheeraa deddeeffachaa sireetti ol baane. Bullee ganama kaanee Mulugeetaan namoota beeku 2 barbaadee wal na quunnamsiise. Walitti dhufnee ciree waliin nyaannee beellama waaree boodatti mariif qabannee adda yaane. Anaa fi quunnamsiisaan kiyya Mulugeetaan magaalaa keessa deemaa oollee ayyolee aannan urgaawaa baadiyyaa irraa fidanii magaaalatti gurguratan irraa aannan bitannee dhugaa hanga beellamni keenya gahutti dabarsine. Urgaan qoraasumaa aayyolee Adoolaa sun funyaan keessatti na hafe. Yeroon beellamaa geessee akkuma jenne bakkuma jennetti maadhee magaalaa Adoolaa lamaaniin walitti dhufne. Maadheen keenya magaalaa Adoolaa bakka WBOn jiru waan sirriitti odeeffannoo hin qabneef akka achi irraa sossoonu yaada dhiheessan. Gara itti sossoonuu fi waan ittiin sossoonu waan hin hubatiniif akka burjaajawuu taane.

Marii dheeraa booda quunnamsiisaan kiyya na fuudhee akka gara Bulee Horaa deemee nama Gololcha jedhamu hojjetaa faarmaasii kan turetti na kennu murtaawe. Akkuma warri faranjii ‘sweat saves blood’ jettu leenjii fi of eeggannoon ani qabu akka na eegu waanan hubadhuuf namootan maqaa fi dudduubee isaanii hin beeknetti amanee of kennee of eeggannoo deemuu murteeffadhe. Halkan ciisee, buusee, baasee ergan murteessee booda bultii 2 Adoolaa bullee gara Bulee Horaatti sossohuuf murteeffadhe. Halkanuma sana sochiif waan na barbaachisu golgaa fi qophii gochuun eegale. Waraqaa eenyummaa gosa 2 qabuu fi birrii 800.00 laastikaan xaxee, maree dugda jaakkeettii kiyya baqaqsee keessa dhokseen, carqii moofaa irratti hodheen qopheeffadhe. “Sassaabbadhu” ofiin jedheen ofitti kolfe. Akkanaan gaafa Onkoloolessa (October 17), 1995 Adoolaa irraa kaanee Bulee Horaa gallee bulle. Quunnamsiisaan kiyya Gololchatti na kennee nagaa walitti dhaamnee “iji nagaa wal nu haa argu’’ jennee adda baane. Erga gaafasii as nama kana hin agarre, waa’ee isaas hin dhageenye. Gololchi hoteela na bulchee guyyaan itti aanu waan guyyaa gabaa Qilleensoo Raasaa (magaalaa xiqqaa Bulee Horaa irraa kiilomeetra 20 fagaatu) waan taheef nama gabaa dhufee deebi’u tokko maqaa isaa hin beekne waliin garas na erge. Mana namicha Bulee Horaa irraa na fuudhee deeme kanaa bullee oollee guyyaa 2ttaa irratti gara Soorilee Waaccuu bakka jedhamutti WBO sagalii achi riphee turetti na kenne. Namoota sagaltu achi ture. Kanan yaadadhu keessaa Saafanoo Tuulluu, Dagaagaa Cirrii (ilma Col.Aliyyi Cirrii) fi Gurmeessaa Diidaa turan. Ajajaan sagalii Dagaagaa yeroo tahu, itti aanaan Gurmeessaa, abbaan siyaasaa Saafanoo ture.

Yeroon saglii WBO kana argu kuukkiin sodaa fi yaaddoon narraa harcaafate. Yeroon waan kana amma taa’ee barreessu miirri isaa, kuukkii fi yaaddoon isaa himimmaan ijatti na fidee ija na jiisa. Kanan waa’ee Soorilee Waaccuu hin hirraanfanne tokko ammoo mucaa dubaraa xiqqoo Dureettii jedhamtu, kan magaalaa deemtee jimaa, tamboo fi nyaata nuuf bittu tokko ture. Waaqni Oromoo bakka jirtutti haa yaadatu. Sagliin WBO Soorilee Waaccuu keessa turte kun gammachuun na simatte. Anis yoon waggaa sadiif jireenya magaalaatti ol deebi’e iyyuu muuxxannoo beelaa fi dheebuu waan beekuuf itti baruun hedduu na hin yaaddessine. Yeroon magaalaa irraa bahu horii gahaa waan fudhadhee baheef isa 800 dugda keessatti hodhee waraqaa eenyummaa 2 waliin owwaalladhe malee maallaqa isa hafeen sagilii kana waliin fayyadamaa turre. Haala ani ittiin magaalaa irraa bahee fi sababa itti an diina dheessuuf achi deeme barreeffamaan yaada furmaataa waliin akeekeen gabaasaa galche. Bakka bobbaate hundatti gabaasaa galchuun aadaa ABO keessa ture waan tureef. Saafanoon “Hogganni olaanaan golboo (Sololoo) jira, hanga inni deebi’utti eegi, yeros murtii siif kennaa’’ naan jedhe Saafanoon.

Saafanoon itti gaafatamaa dabballee naannoo sanaa ture. (Amma gara South Africa jira jechuun dhagahe.). Gara baatii lamaa natti fakkaata buna Dureettifaa keessa ciisaa turree gaafa hogganni olaanaan Saafanoon jedhe sun Guutamaa Boruu as deebi’u Soorilee Waaccuu irraa kaanee gara Galaana Abbayyaa karaa Arbaa Mincitti dhihaatutti sossoone. Osoo gara Galaana Abbayaatti sossohaa jirruu magaalaa Bulee Horaa fi Fisaha Gannat jedhamti natti fakkaata, gidduutti OPDOn 2 nutti iyyite. (Waanan barreessu kanaaf ragaan amma nama San Diago jiru Gurmeessaa Diidaa abbaa saglii gaafasii ti.) Lamaan ishee iyyuu ukkaamsinee ija hiinee, qawwee irraa hiiknee of duukaa fuunee deemne. Jarri 2n lubbuu isaaniif na galateeffachuu qabu yoo har’a lubbuun jiraatan. Galaana Abbayaa naannoo marga adii (Nacci Saar) jedhamu gammoojjii keessa qubanne.

Bakka bal’aa mootummaan quba hin qabne, riphanii jiraachuu fi leenjiif mijataa waan tureef waraanni BO baddaa Gujii keessa jiru bakkaa bakkaa walitti dhufee gara cibraa tokkotti dhihaata. Bakki kun afaan Oromoo barsiisuufis tahe waraan leenjisuuf waan mijatuuf WBO walitti dhufe kana bifa gara garaan leenjisuu eegalle. Ani OPDO 2n Bulee Horaa biraa qabnee fidne qubee, sagantaa siyaasaa fi heera barsiiseen miseensummaa akka fudhatan goone. Osuman dirqama kiyya bahuun cinaadhaan ammoo waa’ee dhimma kiyyaa gaafachuu itti fufe. Hoggannoonni akka koreetti dhimma hunda irratti murteessaa turan nama 4 turan. 1ffaan Guutamaa Boruu ajajaa, 2ffaan Aadessaa Sabaa itti aanaa, 3ffaan Saafanoo Tuulluu itti gaafatamaa dabballee, 4ffaan Odaa Abbaa Baddaa (Iqubay) turan. “Yaadakee barreeffamaan dhiheeffadhu” jedhanii na ajajan. Nan dhiheeffadhe. Deebii hin arganne. Bubbule. Ammas nin gaafadhe. “Obsi marihannee siif deebifnaa” naan jedhan. Yeroo hedduu waan ciifnee odessaa oolluuf oduu gara garaan qoradha. Gaaffii mirga miseensummaan gaafadha.

Gaaffiin kiyya inni tokko akka miseensa gameessatti akka fudhatamu, lammaaffaan ammoo yoo sun hin taane jaarmiyaa kiyyatti akka na deebisan fi sadaffaan yoo kanneen hin dandahamin akka gara Keeniyaatti na ceesisan ture. Gaaffii kiyya sadan iyyuu kuffisanii akka miseensa haaraatti leenjifamee akkan miseensummaa guutu natti himan. Anis nan morme, shakkiin achumaan eegalte jechuu dha. “Qabsoo hidhannoon dadhabe” jedhii barreessii galfadhu naan jedhe Guutamaa Boruu. Achuma dhaabadheen barreessee mallatteessee itti kenne. “Asumatti duuta malee eessa iyyuu hin dhaqxu’’ jedhee abdii na kute. Miseensota ciccimoo amantaa irraa horadhetti siqeen leenjisuu eegale. Isaan keessaa Dagaagaa Cirrii fi Gurmeessaa waa’ee intelijensii fi afaan Ingiliffaan barsiisuu eegale. Ijoollenis amantaa narratti horatte. Ana nama shakkiin seentee har’aa fi boruu eeggataa ture jajjabina natti horan. Dagaagaan gaaf tokko “of-eeggadhu, jarri kun si shakkaniiruu’’ naan jedhe. Erga gaafasii anaa fi kilaashiin kiyya osoo gargar hin bahin hanga dhumaatti of irratti wal eeggachaa jiraachuu eegale.

Arfaasaan waan as adeemaa dhufee fi roobni roobnaan naannoon Nacci Saar kun haroo waan taheef achi turuu hin dandeenyu. Achi irraa sossohuun dirqama. Humni achi ture wal duukaa sossohuun rakkisaa waan taheef bakka sadiitti qoodamnee sossohuuf ajajamne. Ajajaan waraanaa Guutamaa Boruu sagli ani keessatti ramadame hiriirsee “Namni kun yoonni asii fi achi maqe mataa irraa buqqisaa’’ jedhee namni 4 na dura, namni 4 ammoo na booda hiriiruun ani 5ffaa taheen saglii Gurmeessaa Diidaa ajaju duukaa ramadamee sochii eegalle. Sagalii kana duukaa Aadessaa Sabaa, Odaa Abbaa Baddaa fi Qananiisaa Barii ((Waabee)-obboleessa Magarsaa Barii) turan. Sochiin keenya Galaana Abbayaa kaanee-Soollamoo keessa kunnee gara Daawwaa fi Waacileen bu’uuf turre. Walakkeessa baatii Eblaa (May) 1996 keessa Galaana Abbayyaa irraa sossoone. Karaa boqataa, galaa soqataa Bulee Horaa keessa baanee aanaa Soollamoo keessa kunnee gara uummanni Geedawoo fi Gujiin wal keessa qubatanii jiraatan keessa geenye. Dukkana roobaa keessa waan deemnuuf guyyaa tokkotti lafa dheeraa deemuun hin dandahamu. Guyyaa gaara keessa riphnee yeroo lafti dukkanaawu deemsa eegalla. Osoo akkaanan adeemnuu ganda Geeda’oo keessatti nutti dammaqame. Geeda’oon gamaa fi gamanaan halkan nutti iyyaa bultee oduun keenya osoo hin turin wayaanee bira gahe. Soollamoo keessaa bakka Odaa Abbaa Baddaa (Iqubay)n beeku waan jiruuf guyyaa lama achi turree, achirraa kaanee halkan osoo deemnuu ammas Geeda’oon nutti dammaqxe.

Waaqaa fi lafti nutti iyyee ardiin nuun citte. Kallattii irra deemnu nama nu fuudhee deemu waan hin qabneef akkuma kallattii nutti fakkateen deemuu eegalle. Daandii bal’oo irra buunee osoo deemnuu gaafa lafti bari’u dhufnee Laga Dambii-Shaakkisoon baane. Karaa irraa fagaannee gaara keessa riphne. Ittisi uummataa achitti dhuftee nutti dhukaasuu eegalte. Bakka riphnetti dhumuurra bakka dhukaasni nutti banamu hundatti of irraa lolataa Laga Dambii irraa fagaannee deemuu murteeffanne. Akka deemsa sa’atii lamaa deemnee dadhabne, beelofne, dheebonnee karaa irraa gorre. Haga ammaa Baaqelaa akaawwii shinii tokko tokko kaleessa nyaanneen jirra. Gurmeessaa fi namni ani maqaa isaa hin yaadanne of kennanii (volunteer) godhanii nyaata nuuf barbaaduu ka’an. Hangasitti Wayyaaneen dhuftee dhukaasa nutti bante. Fagoo irraa waan matirayasii dhukaaftuuf garaa jabaattee yoo nutti hin siqin iyyuu yeroo sadii bakka riphnee jirruu nu ariite. “Laga Dambii rukutuuf deemu’’ jettee waan shakkiteef konkolaataa guddaa sadii guuttee naannoo keessa facaatee nu eeggataa turte. Dhukaasa 4ffaa irratti dadhabee gaafan akka boodatti hafuu tahu Aadessaan qawwee natti galagalfate. Anis saffisaan jilbeenfadheen qawwee buufadhee quba cancala irra keewwadhe. Akka ani lubbuu kiyyaaf garaa kutadhe gaafa baru “dhiifama akka ati harka jarattiitti hin kufneefiim’’ naan jedhee ija shakkiin wal ilaallee bosona keessa deemsa itti fufne. Na dhabamsiisuuf ajaji akka darbee ture boodan adda baafadhe, garuu haalli mijatuu waan dideef akkuma wal eeggannetti waliin deemaa oolle.

Qubni keenya martinuu cancala irraa hin ka’u. Namni na rukutuuf ajaja fudhate Gurmeessaa ture. Inni ammoo na rukutu irratti waan walii hin galiniif of kennee “nyaatan isiniif barbaada” jedhee achumaan nurraa gargar bahee hafe. Walitti hin deebi’in hafnee carraa soshaal mediyaa kanaan wal agarree amma San diago keessa jiraata. Bara dheeraa booda San Diago irraa walii bilbillee waan kana kolfaa turre. Qaruuxee jechuun kan of eeggattu. Guyyaa dhukaasa yeroo afurii, deemsa guyyaa fi halkanii wal gahee humna nu fuudhee gara bariitti dhihaatu of irraa ciciifne. Anaa fi Qananiisaa Waabee/Barii wal bira ciifne. Birrii 800 dugda keessaa qabu suuta jedhee baaseen keessaa abbaa dhibbaa tokko baasee yeroo simbirri curcur jettu Qananiisaa qonxoxee birrii 100 kenneefii qawwee fi hidhannoo biratti dhiisee saglii keessaa utaalee fiigee bade. “Dhaabbadhu . . . dhaabbadhu . . . dhaabbadhu . . . si qabeera, si qabeera . . . “ jechaa gaafa na duukaa bu’an; ‘’beqee haadhakee haa qabu, dhaqii haadhakee qabi’’ jedheen humna hin jirreen bitintiraa fiigee harkaa bade. Wayyaaneen waan dhihoo irra jirtuuf lafa dheeraa na duukaa hin fiigne. Bahuu kiyya ergan mirkaneeffadhee booda karaa irraa goreen karooran ittiin magaalaa shaakkisoo galu tolfadhe. Birrii 700 nin qaba.

Waraqaa eenyummaa gosa laman qaba. Kan daldalaa fi hojjetaa mootummaa. Kan hojjetaa mootummaa dhokseen kan dalgalaa gadi baasee kiisii keessa keewwadheen adeemsa eegale. Guyyaan guyyaa gabaa Shaakkisoo ti. Ani nama Guraagee daakuu daldalu fakkaadhee miila kiyya biyyoo itti dibee bakka shabaxeen addeesse dhoksee nama farda koree gabaa deemu duukaa farda eegee qabadhee fiiguu eegale. Akka walakkaa sa’atii deemeen gaggabee kufe. Namichi abbaa fardaa galagalee na hin ilaalle. Gangaladheen karaa irraa goreen isa ganama sa’a 7tti rafe waaree booda sa’a 2 irratti dammaqe. Guyyaa lama guutuuf baaqelaa shinii tokko malee waan tokko afaaniin hin qabne. Ah yaa beelaa, waan isheen nama gootuu! Ol ka’ee ijaajjee deemuun dadhabe. (Yaadannoon isaa himimmaan narra kuta, garaa na raasa yeroo hundumaa. ). Karaa irraa goreen jilbaan daa’imee gara lagaatti siqe. Osoon marga keessa daa’imuun sagalee ijoollee gabaa galtuu dhagaheen ol ka’e. Shonkoraa baatanii deemu. Birrii 50 baaseen itti agarsiisee “natti gurguraa” jennaan didan. Gaafan jabeessee kadhadhu mucaa inni xiqqaan ilkaaniin irraa follossee naaf kenne. Galateeffadheen gadi taa’ee xuxxuuxee gaafa lubbuun natti deebitu tiradhee laga bu’e. Bishaan dhugee, fuula dhiqadheen Magaalaa Shaakkisootti ol bahe. Akkan Shaakkisoon seeneen calqaba dukkaana (suuqii) seeneen qophee tokko bitadhe. Amma egaa birriin jirti, waraqaan eenyummaa jirti, waan sodaatan hin jirtu. Amma taaheen mala dhahuu eegale. “Yoon nyaata nyaadhe nan kufa, maal naaf wayya” jedheen yaade. Osuun dhaabadhee yaaduun mana daadhii fuulleetti arge. “Yetandiriq’’ jedheen mana daadhii seenee daadhii birillee lama ijaajjiitti akka nama gumbii onaatti naquu ofitti gadi naqe.

Lonchiinaa (konkolaataa) Adoolaa deemu koreen Adoolaan dhidhime. Mana maadhee yeroon Finfinnee irraa dhufe na dabarsee sana deemnaan sodaatee birrii 50 fi shamizii tokko naaf kennee “deemi” naan jedhe. “Fayyaa tahi” jedheen birrii isaa fudhadheen eebbisee deeme. Hoteela gaafa Finfinnee dhufee bule sanatti deebi’een Gaaddisaa, namicha siree kireessuun ‘’Nageellee hojiif deemeen achitti busaan na qabattee, dafii kasala naaf qabsiisi’’ jedheen. Innis kasala naaf qabsiisee, shaahii naaf danfisee, dhaqee daabboo bitee naaf fidee natti ho’isee na bulche. Ah, yaa nama ofii! Ganama barii ka’een atoobusii Awaasaa deemu koreen imala haaraa eegale. Kaleessa gaaddidduu du’aa, abdii kutannaa, wal gaaduu, fi wal shakkii. Har’a ammoo abdii biraa, imala gara abdii haaraatti cehuu, cehanii jiraachuu. Akkanuma haalli dhala namaa. Magaalaa Awaasaa keessa Hoteela silxee barbaadeen achii siree kireeffadhe. “Busaan na qabeeraa, qorichi isaammoo jimaadha” jedheen silxeen jimaa naaf bittee jimaa kiyya cafaqachaa buleen obboroo ka’ee magaalaa firaa fi halagaan walkeessa jiraatu Finfinnee seene. Hallayyaa diinaa fi firri addatti wal hin beeknetti ol deebi’e. Gaafa ani Finfinnee mana firaa gahu hintalli isaanii rifattee himimmaan isheen buufte yoom iyyuu hin hirraanfadhu. Firri siif booya, diinni ammoo si adamsa. Waan kana maaliif barreessuun si barbaachise jedhee namni na komatu illee jiraachuu mala. Kan dubbisee waa irraa hubatu illee jiraachuu mala. Anaaf ammoo kun laalaa godaannisa kiyyaa ti. Godaannisa halkan hirriba keessa abjuu natti tahu, qofummaa keessa himimmaan ija na jiisuu fi garaan na boorawu. Dhaloonni maal irraa barata yoo jettan-abdii, cichoomina, jabina, of irratti hirkannoo, mala, toftaa fi waan hundi akka darbu irraa hubatuu dandeya. Nama dubbii faallaaf ammoo abdii kutannaa, gantummaa, shakkii fi kkf jedhee hiikkachuu dandaha. “ህልም እንደ ፈቺው ነው” jetti Haati Qumbullee. Waan dubbiftaniif galata. ©St Mathias of The Giddaa Qumbii

Adurree fi hantuutni walitti deebine . . . Waan kun hasoosama miti. Diraamaa jireenyaa ti, diraamaa kufanii ka’uu, diraamaa qofummaa, diraamaa of irratti hirkannaa fi nam-tokkummaa ti. Kanaafan ‘scene 1, 2, 3, . . .’ n barreesse. Scene 3 Adurree fi hantuutni walitti deebine . . . Finfinnee-Oromiyaa 1997: Akkuman baddaa Gujii irraa ol deebi’een haalan dirreetti keessa ture gabaasuun dirqama miseensa tokkoo waan taheef karaan ittiin gabaasu daandii quunnamtii soquutti ka’e. Ol deebi’ee osoo guyyaa lama hin bulin kana gidduutti raammoon garaa keessa riphxee turte gaafa waan dhadhaa qabu argattu wal hortee dhukkuba natti kaafte. Firoonni kiyya bira dhokadhee ture mana hakiimaa na geessanii wal’aansa argadheen dandammadhe. Baatii lama keessatti fayyeen nama fakkaadhee ka’e. Taphi marsaa sadaffaa adurree fi hantuutaas eegale. Afaan amaaraa beekuu fi firoota bira dhokatan qabaachuun Finfinnee keessatti hedduu nama dhoksa/golga. Gujii deemee ol deebi’uu kiyya namni beeku namuma duraan haala naaf mijeesse qofa. Ergan ol deebi’ees waraanni dhaamsa akka ol na duukaa ergan nama abbaa seeraa tahe tokko dhaloonni isaa Boorana tahe tokko irraa dhagahe. Gaafan maallaaqa tamboo ittiin bitadhu irraa butachuuf deemu waan kana natti hime. Waan biyya keessa jiraatuuf maqaa tuquu hin barbaadu. Magaalaa keessa sossohuu akka na dandeessisutti obboleessi kiyya kampaanii isaa irraa waraqaa eenyummaa naaf tolche.

Waajjira isaa Boolee Olompiyaa deemeen guyyaa achi oola. Galgala bakkan dhokadhee bulu konkolaataan na buusee dabra. Akkanaan bibir’achaa rakkoo lama gidduu seeneen jireenya eegale. “Risaan samii irraan adureen ammoo lafaan natti dhuftii laata” jechaan jiraadha. Hiriyyaan kiyya ani bira bulu waanan keessa darbe hin beeku, maal akkan hojjetaa turee fi waanan keessa jiru osoo beekee dhundhuma 40 narraa fagaata ture. Garaan maal hin baanne?! Dhokfadheetuman ciisee ka’a. Obboleessi kiyyas (biyyoon itti haa salphatu malee) waan kana irraa quba hin qabu garuu waan na jaal’atuuf rakkina keessatti na dhiisuu hin barbaanne. Wal qoccolaatuman duukaa deemee waa soroobbadha. Uccuu babbareedaa jalaa fuudheen uffadhee duukaa deema. Mana Taaddasee Baayyuu “Talk of The Town’’ jettu tokko naannoo Boolee-Olompiyaa deemnee biiraa dhugnee nafxanyoota gurguddoo waliin ija keessa wal ilaallee ija walitti babaafnee galla. Shugguxii obboleessa kiyyaa dugda keessa dhokseen hidhadhee deema. “Ittiinan si eega, ani sharp shuuterii dha” jedheen sossobbadhee waliin deema. Isa osoo hin taane ani ittiinan of eegaa ture. Osoo akkanaan jirruu daandiin quunnamtii hoggana ABO argamtee dhaamsi dhufte. Namni dhaamsa fide amma lubbuun dheerattee Kanaadaa keessa jiraata. Facebook irratti ‘Gadaa Atomsa’n yoo barbaaddan ni argama. “Dirreetti bahi” kan jedhu. Dirree dhihaa, bakka dhaloota kiyyaa fi bakka jaarmayaan kiyya duraa turtee dha. “Karaa kam, maaliin, akkamittii fi daandii quunnamtii naaf ergaa” jedheen dhaamsa deebise. Dhaamsi kun hoggana bira gahee hanga achii as deebi’uuf yeroo dheeraa barbaada. Akka har’aa kana daqiiqaa fi sa’atiin osoo hin taane, koodii hidhanii nama faaksii qabu barbaadanii erguu fi deebii eeggachuuf torban 2 fi 3 gaafata. Maallaqa hin qabu, waraqaa eenyummaa fi hojii miindaa hin qabne garuu nin qaba. Innis biiroo obboleessa kiyyaa keessa ooleen bilbila kaasuu dha.

Gaafa tokko waan ittiin jimaa fi tamboo bitadhu dhabeen nama wal beeknu tokkotti bilbiladhe. Sa’a 5 waaree booda yeroo hojii bahutti na beellame. Manni isaa naannoo Baqiloo Beet jedhamu ture. Anis akkuma mala kiyyaa sa’atii eeggadhee of irra mimil’achaa mana gurbaa deemee nyaata nyaadhee, birrii 10 naaf kennee na geggeesse. Karaa guddaatti ol bahee ‘Poppularee’’ bakka jedhamutti taaksii yeroon qabachuuf dhaabbadhu konkolaataa basaasa wayyaanee dhaabatu tokko arge. Konkolaataan basaasaa Toyota DX Corolla XL tahe tokko lakkoobsi gabatee isaa kuma 30n eegalu, muuxxannoo qabuun adda baafadhe, arge. Gaafa an taaksii seenee gara Istadiyomitti deemsa eegalu na duukaa kaate. “Yaa rabbi ardiin naan cittee” jedheen of sookka’uu fi amala kiyya garaa kootti of balaaleffachuu eegale. Mashuwalekiyaa gahee yeroon taaksii jijjiirus na duukaa jirti. “Qurupheen mil’attee of nama mil’achiifti” akkuma jedhamu, harkumaan olii gadi kaadheen ofitti dammaqsee ofiin jechaan yaalii kiyya hanga dhumaatti itti fufuuf murteesse. Istadiyomiitti ceheen taaksii lammataa irraa bu’een taaskii sadaffaa gara Magganaanyaa deemu kore.

Ammallee DXn gabateen isaa lakkoobsa kuma 30n eegalu kun na duukaa jirti. Ijaan fagootti tohataan deema. “Hojii qaruuxummaa yookiin qaroominaa keessatti karaa gabaabduu hin filatin’’ kan jedhu irra deddeebi’een yaadadha. Taaksiin keessa jiru Uraa’elitti achi cehee nama eda’achuuf dhaabbate. DXnis dabartee taaksii duraan dhaabbatte. Taaksiin nama guttatee yeroo ka’u basaastuun DXnis dura buutee kaate. Naannoo Baambis kana akka gaariittan beeka. Miilaa fi konkolaataan keessa deemeen beeka. Mana ijoollee Naqamtee tokko deemnee jimaa qama’aa turre (waan jimaa qama’uu kana namoonni itti qaanfatu, ani garuu ittin boona malee hin qaanfadhu. Araada isaa qabaanneef osoo hin taane beela itti obsina). Ijoolleen akkan hojii hin qabne malee akkan shiftaa tahe waan hedduu hin beekan. Taaksiin yeroo Baambisi bira gahu “waraaj aallee” jedheen taaksii irraa utaalee bu’e. Konkolaataan Wayyaanee nu dura ture sun yoo dhaqee ibsaa magariisa eeggatee of irra naannawee dhufe malee ofirra deebi’uu hin dandahu. Lafti akka dukkanaawuu taheera. Seera hordoffii basaasaa keessatti ammoo namni konkolaataan hordofu bu’ee miilaan hin hordofu. Baambis dudduubaan karaan miilaa laga bu’ee Olompiyaatti cehu ani duraan beekutu jira, achi keessa miilaan fiigeen laga bu’ee Olompiyaa keessa kuteen karaa Pikok Park ganda jiraadhutti gale. Yeroo 2ffaaf hordoffii konkolaataan tiki wayyaaneen narratti geggeessaa ture jalaa miliqee bahuu dandahe.

Mana gaheen gadi taa’ee miila kiyya dhugadheen “Galatoomi kan diina jalaa na baafte’’ jedhe. Bakka ani bulu Uraa’el Dildiyyii mana Abbaa Sibaatuu (Abbaa Mimi Sibaatuu) gama keessa. “Gaafa rakkinni si mudatu diinarraa hin fagaatin. Itti siqii jiraadhu, yoos si hin shakkuu’’ yaada jedhuttan fayyadama. “It is a social agreement with enemy’’ jedha hiriyyaan kiyya waliin mana iskistaa deemaa turre ammoo. Birrii 10 kiissitti baadhee galee garaan na rafuu dide. Birriin 10 kiisii keessa na jirti. Hantuutni adurree jalaa miliqxeetti. “Akkamiin raftee haa bultu hantuutni’’ jedheen birrattii 10 qabadheen gara Mikkii Leeland-Wuhaa Limaattiitti ol bahe. Manni dhugaatii warra Tigirootaa ‘Grande’ jedhamtu tokko Wuhaa Limaatii dudduuba karaa Mikkii Leeland kanarra jirti. Gaafa waa dhuguu barbaannu achi deemnee ijoollee abbaa manichaa ija laaffifannee ilaalaa waa dhugna. Kanaaf namni nu shakkee beeku hin jiru. Daldaltoonnii fi CEOn wayyaanee gurguddoon achii waa dhandhamu. Anis akka amala kiyyaan achi seenee biiraa ajajadhe. Rothmans paakkoo tokko ajajadheen aaraa fi bishaaniin yaada of qorutti ka’e. “Guwadenyochihis? Yet xaffuu?’’ jettee osoo hintalli nagaafattuu nama ani dur beeku hiriyyaa obboleessa kiyyaa ture Malkaa Sadiitti beeku tigireen tokko ol seene.

Maqaan isaa Hadush Girmay jedhama, Hojii Adeemsisaa Hiwot Mekanayizashin-dhaabbata caccabduu waraana wayyaanee tinnisuu ture. “Biiraa dhiisii konyaakii dhugi” naan jedhe. “Guuyyaan bir’uu, galgalli mijuu, yaa jiruu kiyya!” ofiin jechaan garaa kiyyatti ofitti hasaasaa namicha kofalsiisaa dhiisifadheen konyaakiin hadoodee galee rafe. Ganama obboroon ka’e. Kun egaa dhuma kiyya. “Abadan kana caalaa Finfinnee keessa hin jiraadhu” yaada jedhun murteesse. “Adurrettiin yoo gaaf tokko milkoofteef dhuma hantuutattii taha. Manni baaburaa hedduun keessa dhokatan haphattee jirti” ofiin jedheen murtii Finfinnee irraa deemuu obboleessa kiyyatti hime. Yaada kiyya irratti waliigalee hanga jirbiin inni Sulxaan Alimirah Hanfaree waliin qote bilchaatutti Adaamaa mana obboleessa kiyya isa tokkoo dhokachuuf shamiza tokkoo fi kofoo tokkittii qabu feestaala keessa keewwadheen Adaamaatti sossohe. Baatii Hagayyaa fi Fulbaanaa 1998 Adaamaa keessa halkan halkan mana obboleessa kiyyaa, guyyaa guyyaa ammoo nama Yemanee Daaqaa dhokadhee oolaa ture. Onkoloolessa 1998 keessa obboleessa kiyya waliin biyya fagoo garasii, biyya Sulxaan Aliimiiraa Hanfaree-biyya Affaaritti sossohe. Biyya namni na hin beekne, biyya firaa fi diinarraa fagaatanii jiraachuu malan, biyya aadaa fi afaan isaa hin beeknetti imale.

Seenessa BUBBUTTUU Scene 4 Asaitaa-Affaar Akkuma yaadnetti biyya Sulxaan Aliimiiraa Hanfaree-biyya Affaar, biyya namni na hin beekne, biyya firaa fi diinarraa fagaatanii jiraachuu malan, biyya aadaa fi afaan isaa hin beekne keessa jireenya haaraa, sa’atii 24 dafqa mataan gadi xuruurrachaa bultii lakkaawuu eegale. Dirqamni kiyya ‘Assistant field manager of Sahle Agro Industry Development Enterprise’ tahee ‘migib lesiraa’n naaf kafalamaa jirbii funaansisuu, dafqaan bulaa bobbaasuu, jirbii safaruu, miindaa kaffaluu, abbootii gosaa Sulxaan 12n quunnamee jirbii eegsisuu fi gabaasaa ol gara Finfinneetti bilbilaan dabaruu ture. Bakka bu’aa Sulxaan Aliimiiraah nama 2ffaa taheen ramadamee hojjechuu eegale. Jireenyi bultiidhaan natti tolaa dhufte. Namni na beeku hin jiru. Hoteelaan nyaadha, paajaroonan deema, shofeeraanan deema. Namni na argu soorreessa Finfinnee na seha. Boyfriendummaaf illee kan na hawwu hedduu akka ture erga dubbiin babbadeen duubarra dhagahe. Oh “ye Gaashe Iyyaasuu Wendim ikkoo new.” naan jedhu.

Obboleessi kiyya hojii adeemsisaa Tandahoo waan tureef uummanni Affaar marti ni beekan, anis maqaa isaan beekamtii argadhe. Gosti Sulxaan Aliimiirah Ayidaahisioo jedhama. Ayidahisoon marti “dataa baaraa=jechuun gurbaa diimaa” jedhee na waamuutti ka’e. Kabajaa guddaan horadhe. Sulxaan gaala tokko naaf kennanii Sahilee (bakka jirbii qonnu) gosa keessa deemee aannan gaalaa elmisiisee ho’aa isaa dhuguu bare. Booda akka suusii natti tahuu tahe. Busaan hin jirtu, buseen hin jirtu, abbaan waxalee fayya buleessa waxalaqee tahaa dhufe. Halkan barii ka’een dirree jirbii deemee qafqaan bulaa jirbii guuru lakkaawee bobbaaseen deebi’a. Dhiqadheen nyaadhee rafa. Guyyaa ka’een dirree qonnaa jirbiitti deebi’een jirbii safaree, galmeessee galgala magaalaa Asaitaatti deebi’e. Guyyaan tornaniin, torban ji’aan osuma wal jala kutanii 1998 duudee bara haaraa1999tti cehuu dhihaanne. Sulxaan Aliimiirah haajjii deemanii hin deebi’in turan. Mootummaa wayyaanee fi Sulxaan gidduu mufiin waan tureef haala isaa adda baafadhuuf Sa’udii akka deemanitti hin deebi’in turan. Ilmi Sulxaan inni hangafni anatu dhaala, qabeenyi abbaa kiyyaa si hin ilaalu jedhee himataan na eegale. Jirbiin qonne walakkaan osoo hin guuramin loon itti yaatee jirbii investimentii birrii miliyoona 2 ol tahu muxux jedhe. Poolisatti iyyadhes loon marga dhabdee beelofte rasaasi jirbii irraa deebisuu hin dandeenye.

Gosa saba Affaar keessaa kan Afaamboo fi Awusaa keessa qubatee jiru gosa Sulxaan waan taheef “loonis kan isaanii, jirbiinis kan isaanii, siin maaltu dhibe” naan jedhe gosti jaarsaa walgahanii. Jirbii hanga funaanamte keeshaatti naqnee gara magaalaatti ol baafnee tuullee eeguu jalqabne. Gabaan jirbii waan kufeef hanga gatiin ol ka’utti achumatti akka tuulamee turuu fi caalbaasiin gurguruuf gabaa itti hiyyaafachuun eegalame. Obboleessi kiyya gara sana dhufuuf nageenya isaaf waan yaaddesseef “ati hin dhufin, yoo du’uu tahes ani asumattan du’aa’’ jedheen guutummaatti itti gaafatama fudhadhee bakka bu’aa Sulxaanii fi ‘field manager’ tahee hojjechuu eegale. Jirbii funaanamee ture keessaa kuntaala 350 keeshaatti guunnee fidnee dirree waajjira presidaantii naannoo Affaar gara irra keessaan dirree irra tuulle. Jirbiin gurguramuu dide. Sulxaan biyyaa bahan, maallaqni dhibe. Hoteelaa liqii nyaachaa, biiraa liqiin galmeessinee dhugaa bultii lakkaawwachuu eegale. Dhimmi jirbii kun osoo lafarra harkifatuu dubbiin akka bakakkaa nu dhahe. Lolli Shaabiyaa fi Wayyaanee eegalee karaan Asab cufame. Karaan jirbii biyya alaatti gurguran dhibee jirbii kuntaalli kuma tokkoo fi dhibba shan dirree irra akka tuulametti hafe. Waan ittiin keeshaa duwwaa 1500 binnu birrii liqii dhabnee jirbiin dirree irratti tortoruu eegale. Garaa kiyyatti “የበሰበሰ ዝናብ አይፈራም” jechaa jottanii fi daamaa xabachaa oolla. Mukaa fi lafti magaalaa Asaitaa na bare. Gaafan horii qabu isa bofti hiddeef qoricha, isa beela’eef nyaata, isa dheeboteef bishaan kennaa waan tureef ilmaan tigreetii hanga gosa Affaarritti fira naaf tahan. Biyya hin beekne, aadaa hin beekne, amantii hin beeknee fi teessuma lafaa hin beekne keessatti uumaan kiyya akka Yoosef beela’aa beela baasuu na eegalsiise. Hojjedhee horii hin arganne, garuu kanuma namaan fuudhee nama nyaachisa.

Aadaa Affaar keessatti qofaa nyaachuun hin jiru. Waan jiru marti kan waloo ti. Gaafa sooressi du’u hiyyaafannee irra deemnee sadaqaa foon gaalaa nyaachuu eegalle. Affaar gaafa sooressi du’u gaala qala. Foon gaalaa ammoo takkaa nyaannan guyyaatokkoof waan biraa si hin barbaachisu. Soogidda, soogidda waan jedhuuf ni mi’aawa. Tarree teenyee tabsiira qaraana. Waan isaan jedhen yoo hin beekin iyyuu barruu diriirfannee “amiin, amiin” jenna. ‘Closet Christian’ jedhe Ronald Reagan-Mikaa’el Gorbaachovin. Anis akkasan tahe. Biyya onaa keessattan lalise. Ambatu fira naaf tahe. Hangan Oromoo jaal’adhun uummata Affaar jaaladhe. Lolli Shaabiyaa fi Wayyaanee gabaan jirbii akka cufamu taasise. Warshaaleen huccuu tolchan hojii dhaaban. Karaan cufame. Namoota dhalataa Ertiraa tahe mara qabanii hidhuun gara Finfinneetti erguun eegale. Namni anaa olitti itti gaafatamaa tahee hojjetaa ture Abdusalaam Faagir jedhama, abbaan isaa yeroo Hailesillaasee irraa eegalee biyya keessaa fi Sa’udi Arabiyaatti hojjetaa Sulxaan Aliimiiraa ture. Abdusalaam sanyiin isaa gosa Asawurtaa jedhamu Ertiraa keessaa waan taheef wayyaaneen qabdee Ertiraatti xarrazuuf jennaan dafee miliqee Finfinnee seene. Nama Joordaanitti barate waan taheef dammaqaa dha. Isaan booda waan hunduu mataa kiyya irratti jige. Jirbii tortoraa jiru kana daddaffiin keeshaa barbaadanii guuruun bakka tolaa tuuluun dirqama isa jalqabaa ti.

Namoota nu waliin biyya sanatti jirbii omishanii milkaawanii gurguratanitti makannee kuntaala murtaawaa akka gurgurannu tahee, maallaqni xiqqoon nuuf ergamte. Maallaqa dhufe kana baankii baaseen calqaba irratti miindaa dafqaan bulaa jirbii funaanuu kafaluu akkan qabu murteesse. Yoo hafe ammoo miindaa warra itti gaafatamtoota gosaa (nageenyi kiyya isaan irratti waan hundaawuuf) kafaluuf. Duubarra yoo maallaqni hafte ammoo liqii nyaataa fi dhugaatii kafala. Maallaqa baankii baafnee miindaa hojjetaa jirbii funaanuu mara osoo saantima tokko of irratti hin hambisin kafalle. Dafqi hiyyeessaa nama dhora. Aduu fi qoraattii hamaa, bofaa fi lo’aa meeqaan wal’aansoo wal qabee nama hojjetu turan. Namaoota jooranii hojjetaa turan dafqa isaanii hambisuu osoo hin taane osoo horii qabaadhee kiisii kiyyaa illee osoon itti dabalee kenneefii natti tola ture. Nama Asaitaa deemee beekuuf malee waanan tarrisaa jiru kun namoota hedduuf hin gale. Biyyaa lafaa kana irraa bakki akka bakka kanaa ol ho’u tokko illee hin jiru. Miindaan kan kafalamu waaree booda erga jirbiin funaanamaa oole safaramee booda. Isa dura ganama gaafan hojjetaa bobbaasee deebi’u naman waggaa dheeraa dura yeroon barataa kutaa 11 ture obboleessa kiyya biratti beeku tokkon arge. Hojjetaa bobbaaseen sa’a ganama 9am (3 akka itophiyaatti) deebi’ee bishaan qabbaneessee qaama of irraa dhiqadheen marxoo kiyya of irra buusee mana baankiitti ka’e. Karaatti Namni ani maqaan isaa Gaashuu Teferraa jedhamu (lammii amaaraa walloo) tahe hiriyyaa obboleessa kiyyaan karaatti walitti dhufne.

Obboleewwan kiyya waliin Middle Awash Agricultural Development Enterprise keessa Malkaa Sadii keessatti waliin hojjetaa turan. Walitti marminee wal dubbifne. Nama kana Adoolessa 1982 irraa kaaseen beeka. Yeroo manni barnootaa cufamu obboleessa kiyya bira Malkaa Sadii-Middle Awash-Afar waan deemaa tureef yeros irraa eegaleen beeka. Nagaa wal gaafannee, Hoteela Baashaa itti agarsiiseen, ciree ajajeefii “achitti na eegi, maallaqan baankii baasee dhufaa” jedheen maallaqa hojjetaa nuuf ergame baaseen walitti deebine. “Minnew beselam mexxah?” jedheen gaafadhe. “Tekessishee new, hisaab godloobinyi” jedhee naaf deebise. Hojiin isaa bulchiinsa qabeenyaa Dhaabbata Misooma Qonnaa Giddu Gala Awaash (Middle Awash Agricultural Development Enterprise) ture. “Eenyutu si kasase?” jennaan “Kahsayee Walda Mikael” naan jedhe. “Uuyi, maali inni nama gaariidha mitii?” jennaan “Yet aabbaatu, asxerrezkuut!” naan jedhe. Jechuun Ertiraatti ariisise jechuudha. Ciree waliin nyaannee, haala yeroon Adaamaa mana obboleessa kiyyaa dhokadhee ture isa waliin mana dhufee achitti waan na argeef, maaliif akkan hojii dhiise nagaafatee waan hedduu haasofnee beellama laaqanaan gargar baane.

Sa’atii laaqanaatti Hoteela Baashaatti walitti deebinee laaqana afeere. Jimaa biteefii waliin qamaanee ho’a qaama keenyaa jimaan itichinee kaartaa xaphataa oolle. Sa’atii hojiin kiyyaa yeroo gahu beellama galgala biiraa waliin dhuguu waliif kenninee gargar deemne. Ani maallaqa hojjetaa fuudheen dirree qonnaa jirbii deemee kafalaa ooleen galgala sa’a 6pm irratti deebi’ee akkuma amala biyya sanaa shaworii fudhadhee uccuu jijjiirradhee Hoteela Baashaatti gadi bu’e. Hoteelaa nyaanna malee mana kutaa lama kireeffannee tayim kiipper kiyya waliin jiraanna. Beellama akkan qabu time keeper kiyyatti himee mana karaa alaa irratti cufeen gara beellamaa deeme. Gaashuun sa’a 7wb galgala irratti wal beellamne. Dhufuu waan tureef irbaata ajajadheen ofii nyaadhee biiraa qabadhee eeguutti ka’e. Ture. Sa’atiin saddet tahe. Gaafa turee sa’atiin sagal tahun waa shakkuutti ka’e. Gaashuun sa’a 9 irratti ol seene. Nagaa gaafadheen ‘’Minnew bedehinaa?” jennaan “ayi Asaffaa biiroo nebern-dehininetu, qiddim yexeqeskulih’’ naan jedhe. “Eenyufaa taatanii?’’jedheen gaafadhe. “Reediwaan Shormolloo (abbaa seeraa zoonii-guraagee), ana, Muluu (xabaqaa Middle Awaash-boyfriend MoominaaAbdalla-hoggantuu biiroo fayyaa Affaar yerosii-booda wal fudhatanii Amerikaa seenan jechuu dhagaheera.) fi nama biraa amma maqaa isaa hirraanfadhe, innis sabaan Guraagee tahe abbaa seeraa mana murtii olaanaa Zoonii Asaitaa, achuma Affaaritti kan dhalate, taanee turre’’naan jedhe.

Amma dubbiin shakkii kiyyaa dabalaa deemte. Gaashuun waa’ee kiyya waan inni beeku waan murtaawoo dha. Yuniversitii irraa eebbifamuu kiyya, 1991 ABOtti dabalamuu kiyya, 1999 hojii irraa arihamuu kiyya qofa. Qaamaan ijoollummaa kiyyaa kaasee na beeka. Waliin nyaannee, dhugnee, qamaaneerra. Bara 1993 keessa ammoo cidha Rattaa Mul’isaa, ilma koloneel Mul’isaa Soorii, miseensa Maccaa fi Tuulamaa ture irratti yeroo nuti Adaamaa keessatti afaan Oromoo sirbinu wal lollee turre. “Xabbaabochi” nuun jennaan ijoolleen waliin turre lola itti kaafnaan irraa dhorke. Kanaa ala waan inni beeku hin jiru. Shakkiin kiyya “Walloyyeen kun anaanis na xarraziisuu kajeeltee? Horii kiyyaan diina ofitti bitaa jiraa edaa’’ jedheen buusee baasuu eegale. Asaffaan itti gaafatamaa basaasa Wayyaanee naannoo Affaar ture. Akkuma Gaashuun ol seenee xiqqoo tureen Asaffaan inni jedhe marxoo mormatti maratee ol seene. Biiraa ajajeefii teenyee kolfaa dhuguutti kaane. Iji kiyya garuu Asaffaa duukaa gadi baatee ol deebiti. Kudhan gadi bahee ol deebi’a. Ani miindaa kafalaan oole. Birriin hangi tokko hafte. Booda gaafa lakkaawamu 2600.00 kiisitti baadheen jira. Gaashuu waliin nagaa walitti dhaamnee xalayaa fi uccuu ijoollee obboloota kiyyaaf itti keenneen geggeessee yeroon gara mana kiyyaatti galuuf karaa cehuuf ka’u Asaffaan na duukaa ka’e. “Intinaayyee quum istii” naan jedhe. Gaafan bitaa fi mirgaa ilaalu waraanni muraasni tokko gamaa gamaanan qawwee fi baatrii natti qabe. “Gibaa’’ jedhanii landcruiser keessa buusanii na fudhatanii qajeelan . “Obsaa furtuu manaatu na harka jiraa, alaan irratti cufeen bahee’’ jennaan na hin dhageenye. Mursal Ibiraahim-time keeper kiyya alaan akka irratti cufametti rafee bule. Gaarummaan isaa manni karaa duubaan ni banama.

Mana pireezidaantii naannichaa Alii Seeroo bira waraana muraasa tokko gidduu na bulchanii bulee isaa guyyaa yeroo lafti ho’ee namni ho’a dheessee manatti ol deebi’u qondaalto tikaa lamaa fi loltuu lama gidduu na teessisanii makiinaa dhuunfaan gara Finfinneetti qajeelan. “Abbaakee hin agartuu, haadhakee hin agartuu gaammeekoo qabadhu” akkuma leenci jedhe sana adurreen hantuuta qabatte. December 8, 1998 halkan walkaa booda sa’a 2am irratti muummee poolisii federaalaa naseensisanii, ganama lafti bari’u konkolaataa sadiin waardiyyaa naduukaa kaasanii sayireenii iyyisiisaa maa’ikalaawwii fidanii kakar. ~~~~

Scene 5 Kutaa 4ffaa.

Maa’ikalaawwii. December 8, 1998 ganama sa’a 8am irratti konkolaataa poolisii ‘opel’ sadii wal duraa duuba hiriirtee saayireenii iyyisiisaa Maatiyaas loltoota lama gidduu taa’ee Maa’ikalaawwii-mana hidhaa naannoo Sameen Hoteel bira jiru keessa seensisan. Araadaa Giyorgis dabarree naannoo Sameen Hoteel osoo hin gahin harka mirgaa irratti argama Maa’ikalaawwiin. Akkuma balbala irra geenyeen sibiilli karri ittiin cufamee ture bitaa fi mirgaatti baname. Waan namni dudduuba jiru hin fakkaatu. Konkolaataan mooraa keessa tarreetti dhaabbatee jiru barruun gabatee isaa koodii 02 fi 03 kan dhuunfaa fi kan dandalaa qofatu jira. Kun akka basaasummaaf tolutti akka namni konkolaataa mootummaa tahuu isaa adda baafachuu hin dandeenyetti yaadamee waan tolfameef.

Konkolaataan Poolisii sadan mooraa keessa ol seenanii sibiilli karraa duubaan cufame. Namoonni lama bitaa fi mirgaa kiyyaan bu’anii gara waajjiraatti ol seenne. Gulantaa lammaffaa irra waajjira hoggaanaati natti fakkaata, ol seenne. Nama hojjaan isaa gabaabaa tokkotu gama keessa taa’a. Poolisoota na duukaa ol seenanitti ijaan itti dheekkamee achitti na dhiisanii deeman. Nagaattis naan hin jenne. Of irra garagalaniis na hin illaalle. Namtichi waa barreessaa ture. Xiqqoo turee ol jedhee na ilaale. “Ke yet mexxah” naan jedhe. Ani yeros qaamaan qal’aa bifaan ijoolleen ture. “Asaita-Affaar’’ jedheen deebiseef. Booda “Ok, yaassereh akaal ripoort iskiyaaqerb dires tiqoyyaleeh” jechaa as natti adeemee akkan hidhaa qophee baasu na ajaje. “Waan kiisiikee keessa jiru hundumaa xarapheezaa sanarra naqi!” naan jedhe. Anis akkumanni jedhe waan kiisii kiyyaa funaanee xarapheezaa iirra naqeef.

Maallaqa kiisii kiyyaa baase lakkaawee birrii 2600 naan jedhe. Waraqaan irratti barreessee hidhaa kopheen maree hidhee ‘diroowerii keessa kaa’e. “Lemehonu min tiseraa neber?” naan jedhe. ‘’Ye Sulxaan Aliimiiraah Sahle Agro-Industry Development Enterprise Field manager neny. Ye Sulxaanuu wakkiil nenyi. ” jedheen deebiseef. “12 cerrisehaal?” jedhee gaafa nagaafatu, “ere geetaayee yuniversitiim ke cerresku qoyyichaalleehu.” jennaan dubbiin kiyya amansiisuu dide natti fakkaataa, ija dalgaan na ilaale. “Baqqaa riiportuu iskimexaa dires tiqoyyaaleeh” jedhee qaacilii wahii rukute. Namichi tokko ol seenee “teketelenyi” jedhee na fuudhee gadi bu’e. Balbala dhiphoo tokko banee dudduubaan kutaalee walitti galagalanii jiran keessaa tokko banee ol na seensise. Akkan ol seeneen namoota lamatu achi keessa ture.

Inni tokko akka natti himetti lammii Ertiraa kan tahe miseensa waraana wayyaanee keessatti ajajaa dhibbaa akka turee fi shaabiyaaf basaasuun shakkamee hidhame. Inni biraan ammoo sabummaan kambaataa kan tahe, innis miseensa waraana wayyaanee keessaa shakkamee akka qabamee fi afaan Ertiraa (afaan tigree waan beekuuf) akka tahe natti hime. Akkuman ol seeneen wal barree ani akkan Affaar tahe itti himee waliin haawasuu, qoosuu fi waan baalaa mukaa odeessuutti kaane. Jara kana lamaan ol baasee gadi buusee tilmaamuuttan ka’e. “Amma jarattiin kun dandeettii na caaltee jara gowwaa kanaan na basaastimoo? Dhuguma shakkamanii hidhamanimoo?” Waan gamaa fi gamanaa walitti fideen dubbii gingilchee waa tokko mirkaneeffadhe. Inni lammummaan Ertiraa tahe sun dhugumaan akka shakkamee hidhame haasaa isaa irraa waa tilmaame. Kambaatattiin garuu haasaan isaa qilleensa kaasuu dide. Jarri lamaan erga hidhamanii akka torban tokko tahe haasaa keessa natti fakkaata dhagaheera. Sa’atiin laaqanaa yeroo gahu balbala rukutanii bananii nyaata nutti darbatan. Biddeena saree kormaan dandahee hin harkifne tokko tokko nutti daddarbatee deeme.

Ani erga kaleessa guyyaa Awaash irraa namichuma qabee Finfinneetti na dabarse waliin laaqana nyaannee, homaa hin nyaanne. Beelaa fi rifaatiin wal gahanii qaama na weeraraniiru. “Beelaaf harka kennuu irra of dhabamsiisuu wayya’’ jedha ture Guutuu Caalii. Bishaaniin laaffifannee lilliqmsinee oduu Finfinneetti deebine. Galgalli gaafa gahu waardiyyaan tokko dhufee “toloo toloo, shinti difuu” jedhee bakka itti fincaan dhangalaafnee baaldii fincaanii dhiqnee deebinu natti agarsiise. Osoo fincaan man’ee keessaa cophxee hin dhumin “faxan bal injii” sagalee jedhuun fincaan na harkatti kute. Daddaffiin fixadheen ol deebi’e. Irbaannis akkuma isa guyyaa ti. Bullee, oollee, sanbatni dhufe. Hojja duree ykn Kibxata ganama waardiyyaan afaan tigiree malee hin beekne tokko dhufee balbala banee “atta na’a” jechaa quba natti qabe. Akka inni anaan jedhu bareen ol ka’e. Na duubaan qawwee natti qabaa mallattoon kallattii na agarsiisaa kutaa biraatti na dabarse. Alaan balbala narratti cufee deeme. Kutaan ani keessa seene 02 ture. Kutaalee 12tu jira. Kutaan jaha gama tokko kuntaan 6 ammoo gama keessan walitti galagalee jira. Firashii irra ciisan haphii tokko qofatu kutaa kana keessa jira. Guyyaan kun hojjaduree(Monday) December 11, 1998 ture. Achi keessa taa’een eessa akkan jiru of barbaaduutti ka’e.

“Nama waggaa 7 guutuu of eeggannoon mimmiliqaa jiraachaa ture, gaddaa fi gammachuu isaa koflaa fi qoosaan dabarsaa ture kana, jarattiin kun akkamumaan qabachuu dandeesse?” jedheen gaaffilee hedduu of gaafachuu eegale. “Ah, otuun beekuu!’’n ofiin jedhe. Asaitaa yeroo Gaashuun “Waajjira Asaffaa turre, kanaafan dhiisifadhe.” jedhe sana shakkeen ture. Achuma Hoteela Baashaa bulee yookin nama of duukaa fudhee galuun dandahan ture. Dogoggora kiyya xiqqoo sanatu qisaasama guddaa narraan gahe. “Amma waan darbe darbeeraa isa gara fuul duraaf of qopheessi” ofiin jedheen reebichaa fi qorannoo fuula kiyya dura jiruuf golga ykn ‘cover story’, dogoggorsaa, seenaa amansiisaa tolfachuu eegale. Waan jarattiin waa’ee kiyya waan isheen beektu maalfaa akka tahuu dandahu tilmaamuun eegale. “Waa’ee kiyya Gaashuun maal beeka? Asaffaan maal beeka? Oromoo keessaa eenyu irraa odeeffannoo argachuu malu? Maaliif na shakkan? Yoo maal na gaafatan maalan deebisa?” isa jedhu kana hunda buusee baasee itti yaadaan ture. Waan natti adeemu yoon hin beekne iyyuu itti qophaawuun qaawwa xiqqoo yoon argadhe lubbuu kiyya oolchuu nin mala jedheen of amansiise.

Waa’ee 1991 fi waa’ee Gujii hunda cover story (seenaa golgaa) tolfadheen jira. Hojii intelijensii keessatti seenaa golgaa tolfachuun hedduu barbaachisaa akka tahe bareecheen beeka. Golga gaariin waan hedduu irraa si oolcha. Hawwiin kiyya “osoo uummanni Oromoo keessaa kumi 50n hojii intelijensii kana beekee lola tokko illee nu hin barbaachisu” jedheen gaaf tokkoof of jajjabeessa. Ciiseen waan meeqa qexebberuutti ka’e. Takka nan sirba, takka nan geerara, takka nan weeddisa, takka ofan abaara, takka ammoo ofittan boona, takka ammoo abdiin kutadha. “Amma jarattiin kun na ajjeeftimoo, mana murtiitti na dhiheessiti? Na hin ajjeesin malee wagaa 20 illee yoo na hiite dhimma hin qabu.” . . . waan meeqa yaadaa ooleen galgalaawe. Sa’a jahatti irbaata naaf fidanii nyaadhee firashiirra gadi ciise. Uccuu uffadhee ture, shamizaa fi surrii narra jiru malee waan biraa of irraa hin qabu. Anaa shamiza kiyya mataatti maratee gadi ciisu balballi “kakar kakar” jedhe.

Naheen utaalee ka’ee taa’e. Bara Ihi’appaa Dargiin halkan fuudhee nama ajjeesa waan jedhamaa tureef jarattiin “fuutee na rukutuufii?” yaada jedhutu na seene. Baraheen balbala narraa banee fuudhee waajjiratti ol na baase. Fooqii 2ffaa irra nama lama tahanii Televizyinii ilaalaa na eegan. “Ye Oneg shiftaa!” naan jedhe namichi inni gaafa Jimaataa na sakkatta’e sun. “Ye min oneg? Eree tesasitowal geetaayee.” jedheen itti deebise. Waan aare fakkaatee “Yihee min yiqaazyaal? Moot indehon ayiqerilihim, wusedewu wedeziyaa” jedhee namicha ol na fidetti qubaan agarsiise. Kutaan keessa turetti na deebise. Achi ol deebi’een “halkan na rukutuufimoo? Dhugumayyuu waa’eekoo hin beekan taha” jedheen yaada meeqa keessa seene. Torban tokkoof namni nagaa na gaafate hin jiru. “Seenaa tolfachuuf yeroo gahaa waaqni naaf qopheessee edaa? Jedhee of jajjabeessutti ka’e. Waan lama gidduuttin of qoruu eegale. Abdii jireenyaa fi du’aa gidduutti. Kutaaleen kudha lamaan kun kutaa itti shakkamtoota siyaasaa, basaasaa fi namoota biyya alaa itti qoratanii dha. Lakkoobsi 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7, 8 kan itti nama hidhan yeroo tahe; 10-12 mana fincaani fi shaaworii dha. Karri isaa tokkicha bakka waardiyyaan taa’u qofa.

Irri keessa mana barnootaati. Duubaan magaalaadha. Magaalaa keessa waan akkanaa jiraachuu takkaa namni shakku hin jiru, yoo warra hojii kana beeku tahe malee. Waajjiruma sana keessa kanneen hojjetan keessaa manni hidhaa waajjira Maa’ikalaawwii keessa waan akkanaa jiraachuu waan quba qaban hin fakkatan. Yoo si’ol lafa kanarra jiraate maa’ikalaawwiin isa tokkoffaa dha. Akkuma olitti jedhe ani lakkoobsa 2 keessan jira, namni ani dur hin beekne achumatti karaaqaawwaa haasofnu tokko maqaan isaa Immiruu Gurmeessaa (biyyoon itti haa salphatuu-achii bahee booda dhukkubuma sababa kanaan kan du’e) ammoo lakkoobsa 8 keessa ture. Anaan fuula lakkoobsa jaha keessa ammoo Suudaanii tokko Captain Gaazii Adam jedhamutu jira. Lakkoobsa torba keessa Somaalota sadii AlIthadn shakkaman natti fakkaata turan. Somaalonnii fi Gaaziin torban sadii booda bahan. Waan ani shakku waan lama. Inni tokkoo isa ani 1995 magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti basaasa isaanii harkaa bade, 2ffaan ammoo isa Gaashuun beekuu dandahu 1992 ti. Gaaffilee na gaafatuu malaniif deebiin maqaa namaatti hidhate akka hin jiraanne of amansiisee, yoo jiraate ammoo nama biyyaa bahe akka tahuu qabu irratti qophaawe. Torban tokko booda akkuma mala isaa Baraheen sa’a 8pm irratti balbala rukutee “ka’ee kottu” jedhee waamee ol gara waajjiraatti ol na baase. Yeroon ol seenu namoonni shan tarree galanii taa’u.

Isaan keessa tokko Kinfee Gebremika’el tahuu isaa booda egan hidhaa baheen suuraa isaa yeroo inni ajjeefameen walitti fidee yaadadhe. Soofaa gubbaa “izzaa qucci bel” naan jedhan. Nin taa’e. Isaan keessaa akkuma mala isaa inni sakatta’ee na gale sun “lemehonu ke Booranaa temelisee le min tedebiqeeh tinooraalleh, lemin riport aladerekim?’’ jedhee na gaafate-jechuun Booranaa erga deebitee maaliif dhokattee teessa, maaliif of hin gabaafne waan jedhu ture. Garaan kiyya gammachuun wakak jedhe. Gaaffii kana irratti duruu itti qophaawaan ture. Akka tahaa yoon qabamee jedhee. “Ani hojjetaa mootummaan ture, oson Mana Murtii Waliigala Oromiyaa hojjechaa jiruu namni Barsiisaa Guutamaa jedhamu tokko, Kiiloo Afuritti na beellamee “dafii of baasi, warra 1991 Mandii deemee ABO keesatti leenjifam funaannanii hidhaa Dhidheessaatti ergaa jiruu” naan jennaan rifadheen achumaan Keeniyaatti baduuf ka’e. Namni na fudhee karaa deemaa ture dallaalaa walii wal’aalee WBO Boorana jirutti na kenne. Isaan ammoo na shakkanii ji’a 7 lafa jalatti na hidhanii turan. Harkaa badeen bahee rakkina meeqaan Finfinneetti ol deebi’ee jireenya eegale.

Sulxaan Aliimiraah waliin jirbii qotuu jalqabe. Hojjedhee dafee of fooyyessuun barbaada.’’ jedheen deebii amansiisaa kenne.”Kanan dhokadhee jiraadhuuf ammoo isinis na barbaaddu, ABOnis na barbaada, waa lama gidduu seeneen rakkadhe”n jedhe. Gaaffilee gara garaa isaan na gafatan irraa akkan hubataa deemetti sochii kiyya karaa Affaar waan baruu barbaadan fakkaata. Dawud eessa jira, Asaitaa maal hojjetta, ALF wajjin maal gootu . . . waan kana fakkaatan hedduu ture. Hojii intelijensii keessatti waan aansiisaa qabaachuu qabda. Aadaa uummata Affaar keessatti waan iccitii jedhamu hin jiru. Aadaa “daaguu (oduu)” jedhutu jira. Guyyaa tokkotti oduun Jibuutii irraa ka’ee Asaitaa kaha, Asaitaa irraa ka’ee Jibuutii seena. Akkanaan odeeffannoo waan wal jijjiiraniif iccitii waan jedhu hin jiru. Kana hundee isaa irraa qabeen ibseef. “Ani kanan achi deeme jirbii qotee yeroo gabaabaa keessatti sooromee jireenya kiyya wayyeeffachuufi siyaasa Oromoo irraa fagachuuf malee, siyaasa hojjechuuf miti. Isinii fi ABO jalaa baqachuufan achitti godaane” jedheen ibse. Fuula isaanii ilaallaan, waan shakkii qaban hin fakkatu.

Yeroon sokkinaan Barahee waamanii na deebisiisan. Guyyaan akka wal na jalaa hin dhoofnetti qalamaa fi waraqaa gaafadheen kalandera tolfadhe. Ganama ka’een guyyaa barreessa. Maallaqa na harkaa fuudhan keessaa waan ittiin tamboo bitadhu birrii 200 naaf kennanii waan tureef guyyaatti Nyala paakkoo tokko aarseen aara sijaaraan of ulaa oola. Afaan gumbii gumbii, garaan dubbii dubbii waliin tolchaan oola. Achi ciiseen lallaba Bataskaana Joorgisii dhaggeeffadha. Irra keessaan nama barnootaati. “Yaa Joorgisi, yaa Garbeeli yoo asii na baafte Xilaa tokkon siif galcha jedheen wareege. (Ergan hidhaa baheen xilaa birrii 20 bitee ergeef Karbeliif-maaliif narratti hafa jedheeni.). “Kitaaba dubbifamu naaf barbaadi” jedheen Sammahanyiin gaafadhe. Sammahaanyi waardiyyaa nama 2ffaa afaan amaaraa dubbatu isa qofa. Nama Saqoxaa-Agawoodha natti fakkaata. Xiqqoo waan garaa laafu natti fakkaannan gaafadhe. “Yihee ye pheenxee metsihaaf messeleny, yiheewu kefellek” jedhee Kitaaba Qulqulluu kakuu haaraa tokko miilaan natti as dhiite. Amma xiqqoo waan mukuu itti bahun argadhe. Tamboo tokkoo qabsiifadheen boqonnaa tokko ittiin dubbisuutti ka’e. Osoon qormaataafan dubbisa tahe turee silaa 150% hin fidin hin hafu. Akkuman kutaa dura keessatti ibse Sulxaan Aliimirah wayyaaneetti dal’ananii Sa’udi Arabiyaa deemanii deebi’uu bubbullaan wayyaaneen jarsummaa ergite. Jeneral Tsaadiqaan Gabra- Tinsa’i fi Koloneel Mohamed Sa’udii deemanii jaarsa araarfatanii deebi’an.

Ani bakkan nyaata kontoraata nyaadhu Hoteela Baashaa-Asaitaa deemanii nama ana waliin quunnamtii qabaataaa turte qorataa turan (quunnamtii akkamii jettee hin gaafatin, quunnamtiin quunnamtumaa). Kana ergan hidhaa baheen boodan mirkaneeffadhe. Yeroo hedduu achi deddeebi’anii gaggaafataa akka turan dhagahe. Kutaa kiyya keessa ciiseen dubbii Asaitaatti Gaashuun natti hime sana walitti gudunfuu eegale. Kan na qabsiise Gaashuu, Muluu, Reediwaanii fi Abbaa seeraa sana akka tahe irra deddeebi’ee shakkuutti ka’e. Biiroo Asaffaa turuun isaanii, Asaffaan Gaashuu boodaan dhufuu isaa fi haala galgala gaafan qabamuu walitti guggudunfeen xumura irra gahe. Waa’ee mana hidhaa kanaan waanan hin ibsin ibsaa xiqqoo qaawwa foddaa keessan mul’attu irraa kan hafe karaan itti ifa biraaargan hin jiru. Fincaan guyyaa guyyaa baaldiitti fincoofnee galgala dhangalaafna. Halkanis akkasuma baaldiitti fincoofnee ganama dhangalaafna. Yaa jiruu hacuuccaa isagaraa waliin nama jiraachisa. Sayikolojikaal torchar nama gochuuf halkan halkan balbala namatti rukutu. Balballi sibiila waan tahef nama naasisa.

Qaawwa keessan ammoo waatu coccopha. Suuta “xoph, xoph, xoph, . . .” sagalee jedhuun hirriba nama dhorku. Sagalee cinqii, aaduu fi gadooduufaatu dhagahama. Dhipphina ykn torchera xinsammuu irra reebicha sana hin wayyin hin hafu. Sun dhukkubbii yeroo gabaabaa ti. Kan xinsammuu kun garuu kan si waliin jiraatu. Lakkobsa torba keessa ammoo kutaa 4tu jira. Bal’inni isaa meetira tokko hin guutu. Gadi taahuufis tahe galagaluuf hin mijatu. “The maximum torturing chamber’’ hin tahin hin hafu. Namni dhufee achitti hidhamu hundi sa’atii 2-3 booda iyyuu eegala. Kanan yaadadhu tokko nama lama tokko maqaan isaa Abarraa jedhamu tokko iyyaa ture. Nama gara Shaashamannee kana natti fakkaatu. Bifa isaanii hin agarre garu yeroo isaan “uu’uu wede shaashamannee mellisuun” jedhanii iyyan dhagahe. Harkaduubatti hidhanii achi seensisu. Gadi hin teessu, hin ciiftu, hin galagaltu, akkasumatti dhaabataa oolta. Namoonni hedduun achi seenan afaan tigiree kan dubbatantu irra caala. Tarii warra meeshaa gurguratee baduuf ka’efaa tahuu maluu laata jedheen shakka. Qorannoon yeroo sadaffaa waan siyaasa waliigalaa ture. “TPLFn akkamitti ilaalta, ALF akkamitti ilaalta, maaliif waliin hin hojjenne . . .siyaasa Itophiyaa akkamitti gamaggamta?” gaaffilee hedduu . . . Kun anaaf sadaqaa naaf tahe. Siyaasa Amaaraa, jaarmayaalee mormitootaa, kan Oromoo, Affaar fi mara biyya sanaa ilaalen “Akka tilmaama kiyyaatti TPLF waggoota 10-15 dhufanitti ‘challenge’ guddaan itti dhufuu dhiisuu mala” yaada jedhu dhugaan wal qabsiisee ibseef. “Barreeffamaan dhiheessi’’ jedhee waraqaa fi qalama natti kennee gara kutaatti na deebisise. Bultiin wal jalaan kutaa deemtee amma 1999 keessa gara baatii sadii gaheera. Nama kutaa 8 keessa jiru Iimmiruu Gurmeessan yeroo fincaan dhangalaasuu dhaqu qaawween ija eeggatee natti haasawa.

Qaawwaan osoo walitti haasoftuu yoo qabamte feerroo harkatti si kaayan , shaaworiis dhikachuun siif hin eyyamamu. Shaworiin torbanitti guyyaa tokko eyyamama ture. Namni kutaalee kana keessatti hidhamu hedduun haala dandahameen bifa gara garaan maqaa isaanii keeyyan (wall) irratti barreessu. Kanan yaadadhu tokko nama 1995 keessa caasaa kiyya keessaa ukkaamfame tokko Dachaasaa (Masfen) Bayyanee ture. Afaan Amaaraan “Dachaasaa” jedhee barreeffameera. Kan biraan kan lakkoobsa 5 keessa ture Gaaddisaa Ulfaataa (Xilaahun Kabbadee) jedhamu halkan du’ee bule jedhee Iimmiruun qaawwa keessaan natti himee gaafa halkan lammataa iji kiyya walitti hin deebi’in bule. Halkan walkkaa baasanii deeman. Joorgisitti geessanii owwaalu natti fakkaata. Kun bara bilisummaa waan qoratamuudha. Tilmaamni kiyya galgala summii nyaataa wajjin kennaniifii halkan lammataa baasanii bakka kashlabboota karaa irratti duutu itti owwaalamtutti waan awwaalan natti fakkaata.

Bakki awwaalaa Araadaa Giorgis yoo gadi jedhanii gaafatan waan meeqa dubbachuu mala. Dhimma siyaasaa irraati gaaffii isaan tarrisanii na gaafataniif deebii barreesseen kenne. Itti dabalee ammoo waa’ee qabamuu kiyya ilaalchisee “Ani osoon nama dubbii barbaadu turee Asaffaa isa na qabuu dhufe ajjeesee guyyaa tokkotti Jabuutii seenuun dandaha. Gosa Sulxaan Alimirahtti yoon dhaammadhe namni dhibbi shan qawwee guuree ol naaf dhufuu dandaha ture. Akka Asaffaan na qabuuf jedhus nin beekan ture. Yeroo na qabes ‘waan barbaaddu asumatti na qoradhu, jirbiin kiyya na jalaa badaa, hattuu fi bokkaan na jalaa balleessaa’ ittin jennaan didee as na dabarse. Warra waa’ee koo isatti gabaases nin beeka Gaashuus tahe Rediwaan waliin nyaannee dhugaa turre.

Muluunis xabaqaa Middle Awash badii Gaashuu dhoksuufiis horiin walii galaniiru. Gaafas galgalas Gaashuuf biiraa, jimaa fi nyaata bitaafiin ture. Gaashuun hattuudha, gaaza mootummaa waan hateef isa ittiin dhokfachuuf jedhee waa’eekoo waan sobaa gabaase malee ani erga akkuma ijoolleen tigrai 1991 TPLFtti galte anis ABOtti dabalameen, jibbee balaaleffadhee keessaa bahee hojjaa mootummaatti deebi’ee as bakka ABOn jiru iyyuu hin beeku. Isin yoo beektan natti himaa seeranan himadhaa” jedheen itti dabalee gaafa guyyaa lammataa Baraheetti kenne. Guyyaa isaa hin yaadadhu garuu garuu baatii Caamsaa 1999 keessa Sultaan Alimirah Wayyaaneen araarfattee baajeta rammaddeefii Jeneral Tsaadiqaan ergitee Sa’udii irraa biyyatti deebifte. Anis Asaitaa keessatti akka bakka bu’aa isaaniitti of lakkaawaa waanan tureef “Ye Sulxaanuu wakkiil’’ jedhanii yeroo na waaman nan gammada ture. Gaafa Caamsaa 22, 1999 galgala ergan Maa’ikalaawwii seenee baatii 4 fi guyyaa kudha jaha taheera. Akkuma duraanii irbaata nyaadhee, tamboo aarseen firaashii irra gadi ciisu balballi rukutame. Baraheen balbala narraa banee “na’amma” jedhee wajjiratti ol na baase. Namoota 3tu tarree galee soofaa irra taa’ee ija natti babaasa. Garaa kiyyatti naasuun na hadoocheera. “Jarattiin kun har’awoo na rukutuun ishee hin oolle” jechan cinqame. “Sulxaan wed aager temelisowaal” naan jedhe inni tokko. Inni biraan itti dabalee “beqexitaam baayihon astekuseehibinaal” naan jedhe sagalee laaffifatee.

“Nuti kan lolleef sabni keenya akka jireenya gaarii jiraatuuf, nama nu mormu ammoo hordofnee biyyootti daballa” jedhee afaan amaaraan sagalee of tuulummaan natti dubbate. Sadan keessaa tokko isa itti gaafatamaa maa’ikalaawwii natti fakkaata. Tokko ammoo Kinfeedha, inni sadaffaan itti gaafatamaa ‘internal security’ natti fakkaata. Inni calqabaachi seenu na sakkatta’e sun ‘diroowerii’ isaa as harkisee maallaqaa fi hidhaa qophee narraa baase natti hiixachaa “Quxarew” naan jedhe. Abjuun tahe. Asii fi achi ilaalaan lakkaawuu eegale. “2400 new.” jedheen. “Ye goddelee aallee?” naan jedhe. Waan tahaa jiru iyyuu naaf galuu dide. “Anten ikkoo new” naan jennaan, “ah, likki new.” gaafan jedhu, inni tokko gidduu galee “Bel ahun meshitowal, wede beteseb atihid, hotel ider innaa tsegurihiin teqorxee xuwat hid” naa jedhe. Waan inni jedhe kun “amma aduun waan dhiheef gara mana firoota kee hin deemin, hoteela bulii, rifeensa of irraa ciradhuu bor dhaqii’’dha. Waan inni naan jedhu kana tokko iyyuu hin amanne. Garuu ajaja isaa guutuuf jedheen hidhaa qophee kiyya itti deebifadheen ol ka’e.

Yoo barbaadde hojii siif kennina, yoo barbaaddes Sulxaan biratti deebitee jirbiikee qotachuu ni dandeessa. Garuu kana booda qabamtee nutti deebitee jennaan atis murtiikee beekta” naan jedhe. Bilbila 51 eegalu lama natti kennee “kanaan Daaniel, kanaan ammoo Solomon jedhii bilbilii waan irra jirtu ji’atti yeroo tokko gabaasi’’ jedhee na geggeesse. Waan tahee jiru kana yoon hin amanin iyyuu akkuma Barahee waardiyyichi hamaan sun dhufee “teketeleny” jedheen duukaa ka’e. Balbala gadi na baasee dallaa cufee ol deebi’e. Of irra mimil’ata, bitaa fi mirgaa of irra ilaalaa, amma amma duubaan na rukutuu yaada jedhuun miilaan irraan gadee Joorgisii gadi ka’e. Homtuu na duukaa hin jiru. Ammas nan adeeme, homtuu na duukaa hin jiru. Dhufeen Piyaassaa gahe. Mana fotootti goreen foto ‘gurdii’ 4 ka’een booda achuma mana fotoo dhaabbadheen gara itti deemu tilmaamuu eegale. Irra deebi’een guyyaa gaafadhe Saturday, April 22, 1999 galgala keessaa sa’a 7pm.

Mana obboleessa kiyyaa hin beeku. Kanan beeku mana firaa mana Obbo Alamaayyoo Baisaa qofa. Taaksii koreen achi qajeele. Boolee Teelee ture bakki isaa. Hojjettuun balbala bantee gaafa na ilaalu ani shiftaa lagaa dhufen fakkaadha. Balbala gadi natti cuftee ol deebite. Dallaa ala dhaabadheen iyyee sagalee ol kaasee haadha manaa aadde Lidiyaa waammadhe. Waan sagalee kiyya beektuuf aadde Lidiyaan utaaltee miila duwwaa fiigdee dhuftee balbala narraa bante. “Nan bade nama du’etu ka’ee” jettee walitti boonyyee ol seene.


Egaa yaa dubbiftoota BUBBUTTUU, yeroon qaaliidha. Kutaan 2n hafan hagas mara waan nama rarraasan waan hin taaneef Sadaasa 15 booda yoo yeroon jiraatti itti isniif deebi’a Ammaaf na ofkalchaa.

Mathias Gudina <>

Thank you (Galatoomaa)

Mathias Gudina, MA

Candidate, Doctor of Education in Leadership

Saint Marys University of Minnesota



~Of-bulchuu, wal-bulchuu, fi waliin buluu haa shaakallu!~

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